Well here is the story of how Nala came to be.




The conception of Nala
by Taka Khumbartha

Survival was hard. No, I don't mean food/water/shelter. I had somehow come up with a heuristic to survive - living on small an- imals such as rabbits and mice. This diet, however, had left me scrawny and considerably weaker than my brother Mufasa. I was un- able to take down the prey which yielded the rich red meat that my body would need to become strong and even if I got a steady diet, it would be too late as the formative years for bone struc- ture and muscle tone had past. I would be this way the rest of my life. No, survival of the spirit was hard. I had nothing left - no reason to open my eyes and raise my head off of the rocky floor of my cave each morning. She was gone - the only one who would allow me to share love with her - gone.

They were married. Mufasa and Sarabi had done it. Just as father had decreed - they were now mates - the future king and queen of Pride Rock and the future would come sooner than they wanted for father was ill and Rafiki had quietly told Mufasa and a select few that the king was living his last days on this earth.

It was a strange day - very cool for the summer and overcast. I had passed the night without much sleep, thinking about father and realizing that he would probably never acknowlege me in his lifetime. All I wanted to hear him say was "you too are my son", but he had not uttered a word to me in my entire life and I was coming to grips with the fact that he probably would not do so - ever. What little that I had was taken from me and given to those who already had enough. Sarabi was my lover, but was taken from me by my father. She took with her part of my soul. My brother didn't have the will to stand up to father and announce his love for Sarafina. He decided instead to take Sarabi as his mate as father had commanded. I had never before nor since seen Mufasa back down from a fight for something for which he cared so much. This lead me to beleive that he had a secret love for Sarabi. If this was the case, then he betrayed both Sarafina and I. As you can see, my brother was not as noble as he appeared to be on the surface.

I was out to the south of Pride Rock, in the dry grass which grows in this part of the land - very close to the dry lake bed and away from the rivers and the water hole. I was sitting, just daydreaming, when my ears picked up the faint sound of the grass moving. I stood up immediatly, fearing that it might be a chee- tah, but instead saw the outline of a crouching lioness. I straigtened up and approached her. It was Sarafina. I strolled over to her and she stood up out of the grass. My nose caught the unmistakable scent of a lioness in heat.

She backed up as I approached and crouched back down, looking up at me with eyes that hinted a bit of fear, but also of something else. I spoke first.

"Sarafina - are you ok?", I said. "You should really be with the other lionesses when your mating time comes, or else you might end up in a situation..." My words were cut short as she spoke in a trembling voice

"Scar...", then in a more apologetic, soothing tone "Taka - please help me." Her voice began to crack as she finished her sentence.

I approached slowly, though not close enough to get caught with a swing of her paw.

"Whats wrong dear? Are you hurt? You seem frightened."

"Taka", she blurted out, tears rolling down her face. "I'm never going to have any cubs! Mufasa is married and wont mate with any other lioness. The only chance that I could possibly have would be to travel outside of The Pride Lands, but I would not be wel- come back here. I cannot leave my home and family - Oh I cannot bear it". Tears began pouring out of her eyes.

My heart was breaking, watching the poor thing weep, thinking her life would be desolate and empty. Most lionesses pine for cubs but with Sarafina, the desire seemed to be acute. I recall that she and Mufasa often discussed the subject with much joy when they were courting. My father's decision destroyed four lives. My anger, however, was building against Mufasa for not standing up to him. Conspiracy theories filled my head concerning a secret affair between Mufasa and Sarabi, but the rational thought told me that I should not make judgements without proof.

I decided to approach her. I nuzzled her cheek with my nose and licked off some of the tears. She looked up at me with eyes that spoke more than any words could. They plead with me for assis- tance and it was at that time that I realized what she wanted from me. Dazed by this realization, I reclined in front of her. She followed my lead and reclined as well.

"Hmmm", I purred. "This is a problem. You are correct. If you mate with an outsider, you would not be able to come back into the pride, but would be required to stay with him. I can see how it would be hard to make that choice. Let me think about this for a minute". I was buying time to consider the request that I knew she would make as soon as the courage within her became strong enough.

What would Mufasa think? Did he still have any feelings for her? Did he ever really love her that much? Would he be angry? I dis- missed these questions as Mufasa's opinion wasn't worth spit af- ter his failure to stand up for Sarafina.

What about the cubs? I was not liked by other memebers of the pride. In fact, to them I was a walking joke. Would the lionesses ridicule the cubs like they had done to me, just because I was their father? Would they ostracize Sarafina for being with me? My train of thought was interrupted by a trembling voice. I looked up to see Sarafina draw a deep breath - the kind one takes just before uttering words that take courage to utter. "Here it comes", I thought to myself. She spoke:

"Taka.... please. You know there is only one solution. I'm...." Her voice began to get shaky again, but she regained her compo- sure and continued. "Taka, you are the only one who can help me. Mufasa has taken Sarabi from you and has abandoned me. I have no chance of bearing any of his cubs. Please, you can give me cubs".

It was like being hit by lightning. I knew that she was going to say it, but it was still a shock to actually hear it. I could not afford to delay my response.

"Sarafina", I said, looking into her eyes. "I would be glad to help you, but there are some things we have to consider".

"I know", she interrupted. "Mufasa may get mad and the rest of the pride may think that I've lost my mind".

"THAT is an understatement", I responded. "I do not know wether Mufasa has any feelings left for you, but it is true that he made his choice. He did abandon you. Morally, you would not be hin- dered in seeking another father for your cubs, but his anger would not be based on rational thought".

"I don't care how he responds", she continued. "He has made his choice and I am willing to live with his reaction".

"Are you also ready to handle how you and the cubs will be treat- ed by the others?"

"I don't think they would be cruel to me" she said, "and I can't imagine them hurting helpless cubs either".

I looked at her, sadly. She was living in a fantasy world. My treatment by the pride was a living example of just how cruel they could be, yes, even to helpless cubs.

"Look Sarafina", I said, placing a paw on her crossed front paws. "They can be terribly cruel and yes, to little cubs as well. I am a living example of just how bad it can get. They smacked me around, tried to starve me to death and left me out in the cold at night, when I was sick several times with pneumonia, they passed right by me, not even stopping to see how I was doing. Its a miracle that I am still alive today. My own father tried to kill me when I was only a day old. I'm sorry Sarafina, but they can be incredibly cruel".

She begain to cry again. "Oh Taka, please, please help me. Don't say no just because of what they might do. I can survive and I will love my cubs and take care of them even if I have to do it myself".

"Of that I have no doubt", I said, looking at her admiringly. "Look, I didn't say that I would not do it, just that there may be consequences that need to be considered. As long as you under- stand the fact that these things can happen, that YES they can be cruel, and have proven it in the past, then there is no problem. I'm just worried that you may be making a hasty decision".

"Taka, I have spend months thinking about this. I've thought about all of the things that you have talked about. I am willing to take the risk. I WILL make it work", she said, with a renewed determination in her voice.

I looked at her and could see the determination in her eyes. My nature would not allow me to leave her without helping.

"OK", I said "I will do it".

Sarafina's eyes lit up. She rose up quickly and rubbed her head under my chin. "Thank you, oh thank you Taka".

I surveyed the landscape to determine the best place for our two day courtship activities. I determined that we should go to the southwest, beyond the south ridge of the gorge.

"We should go to the other side of the gorge. That way, we won't be discovered. There is alot of high grass over there, so even if they try to look for you, they'll have a hard time finding us".

Sarafina looked in the direction of the gorge. "I told Sarabi that I wanted to go up to the craigs on the northern border until my mating time had passed. She didn't think it was a good idea, but I convinced her that I didn't want to be around Mufasa at this time - painful memories, you know".

"Ah - very clever", I said, as I lead the way to our destination.

The walk took about an hour, during which we did not speak. I no- ticed that Sarafina was looking down at the ground as much as possible so as to hide her eyes from me. I figured out that she was frightened of the thought of what we were going to do. I re- membered hearing some rumours about stories that the lionesses told when out on hunting expeditions. During these times, the sisterhood often discusses secrets that no one else is to hear. It seems one of the lionesses, Naomi to be exact, was "warning" the other lionesses to stay away from me, telling some rather bizarre tales. She claimed that my cock had "teeth" and that my seed was "made of acid and would eat out the insides of any li- oness who was with me". I'm sorry to say that we had some rather unintelligent lionesses in those days and many of them beleived it. Apparently Sarabi did not speak up for me - she would have known this to be false having been with me probably several hun- dred times.

Did Sarafina believe any of this? She and Sarabi were friends and I imagined that they had many "little talks" about these kinds of things. Sarafina was no novice, having been with Mufasa many times before father's "announcement". Still, looking at her dur- ing our walk, I wondered if, perhaps she might have some doubts as to wether or not these lies were true. I began to feel uneasy about the whole affair. I would never take a lioness who was frightened of me - I just could not do it. Perhaps Sarabi had told Sarafina the truth about how I got my scar. This would scare any lioness.

We finally arrived at our destination and walked a considerable distance into the tall grass. Sarafina reclined and began to shake so much that her teeth chattered. I approached and reclined next to her and licked her on the cheek.

"Whats wrong? Are you reconsidering your decision?" I asked in a soothing voice. "Its ok, we don't have to do this" I continued.

"N N No, I.I.ts ok", she whimpered through her chattering teeth. "I, I'm just a little nervous."

"Look at me", I said, and she raised her eyes. She was scared out of her mind.

"Sarafina . . Look, I know about the stories that Naomi and oth- ers tell - about the "teeth" and the acid. You don't beleive those, do you? If they were true, Sarabi would be in bad shape today, don't you think?"

She stopped shaking. "Well, yes I guess so, but I'm still a lit- tle scared".

I got an idea. "Look here", I said. She came over to me and I re- clined on my hindquarters and lifted one of my back legs. I sucked in my lower abdominal muscles, unshething my penis. Sara- fina nudged it with her nose which caused it to grow fully erect.

"Its ... its just like Mufasa's", she giggled. "Same size and ev- erything". I looked at her and saw amazement in her eyes.

"Didn't you know that male lions who are brothers are all the

same size - its true!"

She continued to inspect it with her nose, which put me close to the edge.

"There aren't any teeth here", she said, with a tone of indigna- tion.

My breathing became heavy. "... and if you keep that up, you'll get to see that the story about the acid is false as well", I whispered, becoming short of breath.

Sarafina stopped for a moment and a mischevious grin crossed her face. She put out the tip of her tongue and began stroking my cock from the base to the tip. Aparently, Mufasa and I like the same thing - she knew right where to lick - the underside right in the middle between the hemispheres of barbs. I leaned back and my hindquarteres started flexing and I pulled up my legs and thrusted gently as her ministrations became more intense. I could not hold back any more - I closed my eyes, thrust forward one time and let out a faint meow-growl as five powerful squirts of semen shot out of the tip of my cock.

The first squirt hit her on the nose, and she jumped back, quick- ly wiping it away with her front paw.

"Look", I said, "smell it - its just lion seed - just like Mufasa has - its not acid", I said.

She approached the puddle on the ground and sniffed it, being careful not to touch it until she was convinced". "It smells the same as Mufasa's". She said. Finally, she touched it with the tip of her tongue and then lapped up a small portion of it. For a mo- ment, she stood still, perhaps waiting for the burning to begin in her mouth. Finally, she sighed, looking back in the direction of Pride Rock.

"Naomi, you're such a liar", she uttered under her breath. I let out a chuckle. "Why do you listen to her fables anyways?"

She looked over at me. I was still reclining with my leg raised, the tip of my cock protruding from its sheath. Sarafina ap- proached and reclined with her head between my legs again. "I want to try that again", she said, as she repeated the same steps as before. This time she consumed all of the seed.

"Well, isn't it just like Mufasa's?", I asked. "Yes it is, I can't tell the difference", she replied.

I got up and streched out my hind legs. They would get much exer- cise in the next 55 hours. Sarafina came over and rubbed her body up against mine and then began walking around in a circle. I fol- lowed close behind her, my chin on her rump. After about 2 min- utes of this, she dropped to the ground, hugging it as if in a stalking crouch. Her rump was slightly elevated and her tail was turned to one side. This is the presentment position - when a li- oness is telling a male - "mount me - NOW".

I stuck my nose under her tail to inhale her pheromones. She was ready - as ready as they come. I looked at her pussy - it was wet and open. As I straddled her, she looked back at me.

"Are you absolutly sure you want to do this?", I asked firmly.

"Yes - YES I AM".

I hunched my back and curled my rump down to meet her. I found her sex on the second thrust. As I penetrated, she let out a gasp.

"Are you ok?", I asked, stopping while buried deep inside of her.

"Yes, yes - It feels so, so great - you're as big as Mufasa, but somehow, you, ... I don't know, you seem to know just what move- ment will pleasure a lioness"

I had unconciously been using the same movements with her as I had been with Sarabi. Sarabi was my first, and I determined be- fore our first time that I would try very hard to sense what movements were pleasing her. I listened to her breathing and felt the movments of her body beneath me. Over the two years that Sarabi and I were lovers, I honed this skill. A male lion's cli- max is cheap - its quick and over with soon (although it is re- peated a hundred times during a courtship), but a lioness comes hard and the duration is much longer. It is difficult to make her climax, but can be done EVERY time if one just takes the time to listen to the rythms of her body. To be able to do that for a lioness was one of the only things that I was able, in my early years, to accomplish.

"I've practiced alot", I replied to Sarafina, as I continued my thrusts. Her breathing got heavier and I felt her begin to con- tract. When first penetrated, a lioness's vagina will involuntar- ily contract because of the "barbs" on the males penis. These "barbs" are very short, thick hairs, about a 16th of an inch long. There are several hundred of them. These "tease" the ten- der tissue inside the lioness and induce ovulation. This must be done 150-200 times during her heat if she is to release her eggs. Mating is exhausting, lasting 2-3 days. If done right, the male can position the barbs and control his movements so that the in- voluntary contractions lead to an orgasm. Sarafina's clutching told me that she was at that point.

I increased the rapidity of the thrusts and shortened their length, pulling out and going in no more than 1/2 inch. Sarafi- na's breathing became more erratic and she began to knead the ground with her front paws. She was right on the edge. Suddenly, she began a throaty purring followed by a sharp meow. I felt her contract rapidly. She was coming. Her body shook as she contin- ued to purr and knead. The strong contractions sent me over the edge. I tensed my hindquarters and closed my back legs around her haunches, pushing myself in up to the hilt. Gently, I grabbed at the nape of her neck with my teeth, not biting into it, but hold- ing on. I closed my eyes and let out a purr-growl as I pumped squirt after squirt of seed into her.

As her climax subsided, she turned her head to look at me. This is a signal to the male to dismount. Some lionesses will snarl at a male, or even hit him. Sarafina did neither, but went through the motions, seemingly against her will. I pulled out and stepped aside as she rolled over on her back. I lay down next to her and she buried her head in my mane and began to cry.

"Are those happy tears or sad tears?", I inquired. "Happy tears", she sang. "Thank you for doing this for me, Taka", she continued. "I don't know what I would have done without you".

"Thats OK", I said. "All I want to do is to be of some use around here", I said, looking up at the sun. It was mid-day.

"You have been", she said. "I don't know where you learned how to make love like that, Taka, but any lioness would be lucky to be with you", she said.

This made me feel great. Someone was finally telling me that I hade done something useful.

"I've had practice. Now you know why Sarabi was always so happy after we came back from our week-long outings", I replied, with a tone of joviality in my voice.

We got up after about 5 minutes and repeated the previous perfor- mance. When a lion and a lioness mate, the first 5 or 10 times are great. After that, both go into a trance, induced by the pheromones. This deadens the pleasure, and also the pain. The muscles in a male's hindquarters get pushed beyond the level of pain endurance, but the pheromones generate a pain-killer within his body which also deadens some of the pleasurable sensations as well.

We mated 167 times over the next 55 hours. When we got out of breath, we would lay together in the tall grass and Sarafina would bury her head in my mane. We slept several times for a few hours this way as well. There is NOTHING like having a lioness this close to you - needing you so much, needing your love and protection. A male's job is to protect. I was finally allowed to do something useful - to show that I was not a waste of flesh. I was giving great happiness to someone and also participating in the continuation of the Circle of Life. A smugness came over me as I realized that I might be the first to father cubs - for once Mufasa would be second. (As it turned out, Mufasa beat me at this game as well - Simba was born 2 weeks before Nala).

We walked (or crawled - we were both exhausted) back to Pride Rock on the third day. Sarafina's scent had almost completely faded - indicating that her mating time was over. We parted from each other a fair distance from Pride Rock so not as to be seen together by someone. As we parted, Sarafina rubbed her head against my mane.

"Thank you, Taka." I'll never forget this.

"I'm glad I could help", I answered. "I just wish others would let me be of some use, I sighed."

"Well, you've convinced me", she replied, and departed for Pride Rock. I waited a bit and then headed into my own cave from the south.

A month later, father died. Three days later (after the mourning period), Mufasa climbed Pride Rock and roared three times. He was answered by a chorus of three roars from the lionesses below. This simple ceremony marked the coronation of a new king.

About three months later, Simba and Nala were born, as I said, two weeks apart. By that time, the curse-demon was pounding me on a daily basis, not allowing me to sleep at all. In fact, I hadn't slept in two weeks when I heard that Sarafina had given birth. Mufasa was at his worst, bullying me around. Maybe he thought that I had to be put in my place, to be taught who was the boss. Little did he know that he was making it impossible to fight off the demon. If I lost, I would become eslaved - completly posessed and would be a prisoner in my own body, while the demon used it for its own evil purposes.

I had to see Sarafina, but she was surrounded by the other li- onesses who would surely attack me if I approached, as small cubs were present. Finally, one day, I saw Sarafina leave to go to the water hole. I quickly dashed out to meet her. I approached as she was drinking. At the sound of someone approaching, she looked up. Upon seeing me, she backed up, as if in fear.

"Sarafina, its just me, Taka. Don't be frightened".

She backed up even further. "What, what do you want?", she asked in a distrusting tone.

What was this? This is how I would expect her to act before we had been together, but not now. It was as if what we had for 55 hours had never occurred. I could read all of this in her eyes.

"Sarafina! Why are you acting like this? I just want to know about the cubs. How many did you have?".

Her look of suspicion grew deeper. "Why do YOU want to know?", she asked.

My jaw dropped open in amazement. "What.. what do you mean "why do you want to know"? ... I am their father!"

A look of horror and fear spread across her face as if a thunder cloud was darkening the sun. She spoke: "Don't you EVER tell any- one about that", she said with a growl, and approached me with bared teeth. I backed up and she stood her ground.

"Wait just a minute", I cried. "You don't think the others will know who their father is? What the hell has gotten in to you?"

She replied in a less threatening tone. "Look, If you say any- thing about this to the other, she will be hated by all of the lionesses. If you love her, you will remain silent. I have made up a story and the others are convinced. You must promise me that you will never tell anyone."

My heart sank. I was not to be allowed to help raise my daughter. She would live out her life not knowing who her father was. I be- gan to cry as the pain and then anger filled me.

"How could you do this to ME, and to her?", I roared. "I thought you said that you didn't care about the reaction of the others? She has a right to grow up with her father's love to guide her as well as her mother. I don't even know her name. You mean you wont even let me come and see her?", I was growling these words and was becoming quite distraught.

Sarafina charged at me and bared her teeth, speaking an a spit- ting growl. "I do care about the reaction - I never said that I didn't care. Her name is Nala and you will STAY AWAY or I will kill you. Now promise me that you wont say anything to ANYBODY - EVER".

I stood up from the ground on which I had rolled in reaction to her hostility. In a moment of hurt and anger, I made the promise. "OK, I promise, but only if you tell Nala who her father is. If you do not by the time she is an adult, I WILL", I snarled.

Sarafina bared her teeth and was about to spit out a reply when a three tawny flashes emerged from the grass. I was flattened by one of them and looked up to see Mufasa on top of me, snarling, his teeth bared.

"If you EVER come near Sarafina or hurt her, I'll tear your throat out, UNDERSTAND?!?", he boomed. I shook my head affirma- tivly, and looking over, I saw Naomi behind him, snarling as well. Sarabi was comforting Sarafina who was crying uncontrol- lably.

All four of them walked back towards Pride Rock, disappearing in- to the tall grass. I lay there, dazed for a minute, and then curled up in a ball and cried for what seemed like forever.

She used me for her own purposes and now would not even let me see my own daughter. She was ashamed of me after all that I had done for her. I was a sperm doner who was discarded afterwards.

I have to say that this was the straw that broke the camel's back. I went back to my cave, to the ledge and looked into the 200 foot drop down to the jagged rocks below. I tried to raise the courage to jump, but as had happened dozens of times before since I first tried as a cub, I could not do it.

It came like a flood. The demon knew when to strike. For 8 years I had kept it at bay, but could not any longer. It encompassed my soul. My face twisted into an evil grin. My soul and my spirit were now prisoners in my own body. It would take me 8 years to erradicate the beast and free myself from the chains of slavery to evil. By that time, the demon had used my body to kill my brother and wreck my beloved Pride Lands.

I never wanted to be king and I never wanted to get the lion's share of attention. All I wanted was to have a place - my place in the Circle of Life. I wanted the common respect that every in- dividual gives to every other individual. This was denied me. It all started when my father, fearing the demon of the first born twin sons, decided to cower in fear of me, or what I represented. What he didn't realize was that this very action would bring about the destruction he had seen in his visions. Had he acknowl- eged me as his son and loved me (AND allowed me to love him), he would have set an example for others who would have accepted me. In this case, I would have had a purpose in life. This ammunition would have allowed me to keep the demon at bay - indefinitly. My brother would have lived to raise his son and teach him how to be a good king.

The price of my father's mistake: one dead king, a ruined home- land and a sad, sad monarch. This is all in the past, but it is worth telling so that others will not repeat this mistake.

May you find your place in The Great Circle of Life. Remember - we ALL have a place. NEVER, NEVER treat anyone as "extra" or "useless" - REMEMBER WE <<>>> HAVE OUR PLACE......